GRS Sport

GRS Sport

In terms of making opportunities, scientific research and meet the needs of sport, new projects must be developed, which is one of the most important institution for research, regulatory, development and coordination with organizations, associations and executive devices.

Therefore, GRS Sport with the aim of science and implementation of new initiatives in this field and in collaboration with teachers, administrators, educators, veterans and graduates has been established to hold meetings, seminars and sport camps, monitoring quality and evaluation of sports, emission books and scientific journals with the international approach to have a significant contribution to the development of sports science and opportunity developments.



  • To become such a reliable and authoritative reference in sport services and sport executive potential between the private and public sector with approach to sports production by the end of 2020.


  • Policy research in the international classification of professional sports.
  • Planning for development of sports activities, organizations, associations, research
  • Centers related to sports federations and sports clubs
  • Scientific and administrative think tank role for sports
  • Monitor the performance of all sectors involved in the sport after taking services
  • Hardware and software support in International sports development in organizations
  • Sports science training
  • Meet the needs of sport in the international scope

Sport Services

  1. Convention and meeting specialized in the field of public and private sports
  2. Conducting educational and sports tours
  3. Competitions and sports tournaments
  4. Training classes in various scopes of sports
  5. General sports training course
  6. Advice on creating and setting up sports clubs in accordance with international standards
  7. Sports Festival
  8. Creativity and innovation in sport sciences
  9. Sports goods manufacturer supplying most prestigious brands in the world
  10. Advice on obtaining facilities for the development of sport facilities
  11. Maintenance and development of sport facilities on the basis of managerial and professional standards
  12. Standardization sport facilities
  13. International coaches rating and athletes and sports managers based on international indices

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