GRS Inspection

GRS Inspection

Today, safety, quality and environmental protection is of particular importance in human society and one of the most effective tools in this way, could be utilizing the services of inspection companies.

GRS Inspection with the objective to provide technical services, engineering, consulting and research to improve the quality of products and protect the rights of consumers, developing required standards for industries and supervising the implementation of projects and goodness of delivering services is established.

The company with an experienced technical inspection and providing engineering services and consulting activities in various industrial fields has been able to utilize the capabilities of professional experts in and out of the country and  provide valuable qualitative services to customers.


To upgrade the name of the company to the best customers


To have an activity in the field of technical inspection, engineering and consulting in industrial and service departments, with an emphasis on improving quality, increasing safety and reducing environmental pollutants inside and outside of the country.

Inspection Services

  1. Industry equipment inspection
  2. Boiler and tank inspection
  3. Park and playground equipment inspection
  4. Inspection of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
  5. Crane and lift inspections
  6. NG and CNG inspection equipment
  7. Commodity inspection
  8. Inspection and mineral development projects

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