GRS Mines

GRS Mine

 It is one of the first private international consulting engineering in exploration and mining which has started to work based on approval of GRS group headquarter in the UK.

GRS Mining has capabilities and facilities in submitting engineering and design services, computer modeling and Technical experts in the field of mining as well as training modules in exploration and mining.

We are giving desirable and excellent services in mining industry through our professional managers and specialist managers with the help of standards and related applications.



Solid activity in mining services in covered countries.

To do the best services and perfect qualities to customers working mine.

Increasing scientific level of managers, specialists and personnel of increasing global credit of growth rate with the aim of customer satisfaction.

Mine Services

  1. Collecting and processing data mining exploration
  2. Estimation of mineral reserves through computer simulations
  3. Create a database for mines and processing factories
  4. Expert development support system for the correct choice of equipment
  5. Assess the feasibility report and detailed mining plans
  6. Communication and making contract of  mining services with a wide range of scholars, contractors and expert manufacturer
  7. Exploration and exploitation of mines
  8. Installation, operation, maintenance and inspection of machinery and equipment companies
  9. Purchasing and providing equipment and facilities required to carry out the field of activity
  10. Consulting and making contract of engineering services

About Us

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We always do the best to take the advantages of capable experienced managers, rendering the most desirable services.


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