GRS Trading

GRS Trading

The company has been established with the aim of developing products and services to GRS group subset, and also accelerating the domestic and foreign trade for other customers. Experiences of managers in export and import and other trading affairs one side and representative offices of this company all over the world specially Europe and middle east, in   another side  and also security and scrutiny of this services has delivered to the customers.

It has established in 2014 with the purpose of providing industry requirements and is one of the subgroups of GRS which is managing by some business management and delivering services in trading and commerce are yet our main goals.


To Become the commercial hub of the private sector in providing commercial services with a global reputation


Promoting a good reputation for company.

Permanent improvement of quality and supplied services

To respect to the thought of leaders

Permanent evaluation to promote merchandise and also short-term goals.

To Continue in offering new business issues

Assessment and monitoring of emerging global markets and achieve 35 percent share in the international area.

Trading Services

  1. Exports and imports of goods and services
  2. Business advice
  3. Business investment consulting
  4. Clearance
  5. Customs Consulting
  6. Design and construction of specific goods
  7. Introducing the manufacturers and the purchase of goods
  8. Consultation in the field of transit of goods
  9. Commercial cargo inspection at the factory before shipment
  10. Storage of cargo in standard warehouses
  11. The introduction of the goods and services for manufacturers and service providers in international markets
  12. Marketing goods and services

About Us

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We always do the best to take the advantages of capable experienced managers, rendering the most desirable services.


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