GRS Airline

GRS Airline

Strategy to set up an airline has formed with the help of some of the managers in GRS group in Middle East office in January 2015 and after consulting with corporate membership and head office confirmation and approval plan to run GRS aviation it is referred to the responsible organizations and now official approval procedures are going on.

The main motive of launching the first airline was to offer services to legal sub-groups and in the future, provide differentiated services to passengers flying to approach international standards in the field of services.

We are hopeful to have a best service presentation in this field in highest level of quality in early future.


Accessing to the acceptable position in the airline industry with a global reputation


Encouragement and development secure aviation

Aviation commercial encouragement.

Making interaction and cooperation with other active and reputed airlines

Providing air luxury services to businessmen and executives at international level.

• Building bridges with abandoned areas in the world (non-flying)

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