GRS Insurance

GRS Insurance

Because of the importance of insurance issue in international societies, GRS insurance is presenting the newest insurance services and with efforts of the professionals in insurance industry and support of big dynamic companies work as an economic partner with them.

GRS founders with lots of experiences in insurance industry tried to present the newest insurance services to each and every client

The company in order to satisfy customers and provide better services in selecting senior and middle managers has made the highest efforts to observe the maximum satisfaction of our clients by creating innovation and differentiation in products and services.

Managers and experts believe in utilizing the latest knowledge and professional tools as well as customer satisfaction, to recognize all insurance needs of customer and present premium services to them.

Personnel tried to maintain interest of the insured by using academic graduation and complete acquaintance to insurance industry and try to present a consult in risk management field to prevent probable disaster for insured.

Also with the belief of having interaction and empathy with interest groups and with rely on financial and humane investment made differentiate services to insured.


  • To create confidence in its activities and services to target customers and the insurance industry leader


  • Providing various, high-quality insurance services to individuals and entities with an innovative approach
  • Core values
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Commitment to professional and ethical principles
  • Making confidence and peace
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Teamwork and constructive engagement within the organization.

Insurance Services

  1. Travel insurance
  2. Fire insurance
  3. Theft insurance
  4. Life insurance
  5. Health insurance
  6. Third party insurance for vehicles
  7. Hull insurance
  8. Erection all risk insurance
  9. Civil liability insurance
  10. Energy insurance
  11. Business insurance
  12. Refinery insurance
  13. Filmmakers insurance
  14. Individual and group accident insurance
  15. Electronic insurance
  16. Comprehensive insurance of business units
  17. Tourism insurance
  18. Comprehensive home insurance
  19. Computer insurance
  20. Industry and production insurance
  21. Agriculture insurance

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We always do the best to take the advantages of capable experienced managers, rendering the most desirable services.


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