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GRS real estate and emigration by having professional attorneys and experienced scholars of valid scientific center in middle east, Europe and America and also, has established a company for its customers to be able to invest or immigrate as well as finding jobs in other countries without any probable misuses.

Through years of experience, our managers in real estate and emigration, have been seen, many fraud cases and selling property with low investment value, different legal issues and so forth, and it made us to provide a GRS real estate and emigration to give the services in the professional, secured and solid ambiance for clients.

Therefore, our main goal is to make the customers best satisfaction.

The company guarantees the benefits of employers and owners in each and every case of cooperation by making official contract through experienced lawyers.


To become the most service validated company in real estate and emigration in international level until 2020.


To provide the most optimal and least cost services to clients.

To maintain customer benefits

To give B2B modern property services all over the world.

Real Estate & Emigrate Services

  1. Purchasing property consultancy in countries with representation
  2. Consultancy and investment in construction and real estate
  3. Accommodation admission consultancy
  4. Admission and immigration consultancy
  5. Admission consultation
  6. International agreements in the field of real estate and Investment
  7. Introducing the newest files to the clients of property
  8. Consulting accommodation admission from A to Z
  9. Study and feasibility of international construction projects and introducing customers

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We always do the best to take the advantages of capable experienced managers, rendering the most desirable services.


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