GRS Investment

GRS Investment

The company with investing approach in feasibility study projects in all national and international projection in different fields by using modern investment methods tries to have the remarkable presence in this field.

The specialized company is working with the concern to the national and international needs and specialist, managers, market information and lack of professional services in this field, with planning, organizing and directing all possible sources with the use of operational methods to catch the visions and implementing strategies.

We work on the basis of chain value, seamless value and capitalizing towards abilities of resources needs.

We have estimated cost outcome desirably and made customer satisfaction in highest level and in each part of the business market to provide the growth and excellence of our business partners.

GRS investment considers all ethics in accordance with national and international standards in all of its functions to interact with clients made total efforts to meet their needs.

Fields of activities:

  • Construction
  • Oil, gas and petrochemical
  • Industry and mine
  • Transportation
  • Energy and electricity
  • Financing and business


  • To become the best investment company
  • To become a superior economical paradigm with national and international output within the country.
  • To approach to the best position in economy rely on knowledge, specialist and commitment human resource and modern financial and managerial tool.
  • To become a learning, smart and quick organization with utilizing all potentials and opportunities.


  • Investing in different trading fields with safe return on investment and desirable high interest to wealth creation, stakeholders satisfaction to approach to high exploitation and to gain stable competitive advantage.

Strategic Policy

  • To maximize the market value and return on investment
  • Major Strategies
  • To entr into the new areas of investment with a high rate of return with an emphasis on advantages.
  • Continuous improvement and optimization of the combined investment
  • Product chain in small and medium scale industry supplementation
  • Active participation in the capital market and to promote and enhance shareholder value
  • Regional and international cooperation development.
  • Efficient use of internal and external resources, financial resources with suitable rates for business development
  • Developing Investments in productive and profitable activities

Investment Services

  1. Investment for certificated projects with feasibility study
  2. Scientific studies and research on investment projects
  3. Funding for national and international projects
  4. Confirmation of Plan to be presented to banks and financial institutions

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