GRS Health

GRS Health

It is a non-governmental organization that is established on the basis of national legislation to organize and improve the quality of health services, educational exchanges, science and technology with the advanced centers, economic studies, facilitation and encourage of domestic and foreign investment, to provide business development and usage of national and international opportunities to the clients.



  • Presenting differentiated international health services and becoming one of the greatest modern scientific research centers in health industry until 2025


  • Research and encouragement in production, translation and dissemination of knowledge.
  • To develop standards of health industry.
  • To Strength partnerships for health development.
  • Risk management and humanitarian operations and participation and management information.
  • Innovation according to the demographic and epidemiological characteristics.
  • Develop relationships with the neighboring countries and other countries of the world in the field of health.
  • Promote standards and international rules as common values and mutual cooperation with national and international organizations.
  • Promote specialized training in the field of health.

Health Services

  1. Scientific, technical, research, education communication and interaction between researchers, specialists and other experts as if they are working in other branches of the  company.
  2. Cooperation with universities and research institutions as well as other organizations that are somehow related to the activities of companies in planning education, research, health care
  3. Interaction and cooperation with competent authorities in the review and evaluation of health and health education programs
  4. Educational services, scientific, technical and research on relevant regulations
  5. Encourage scientists, researchers and students in the conduct of scientific research and training, health care
  6. Preparation and publication of scientific, educational, health sector
  7. Education and research conferences, continuing education at national and international level considering rules and regulations
  8. Providing the perfect backdrop for scientific research related to relevant courses particularly through the encouragement of young professionals
  9. Gaining support from international institutions to conduct scientific research in national and international arena
  10. Implementation and the establishment of international standards and certification field of health and health related
  11. Executive Academic Ranking of health and safety in accordance with international standards
  12. International certification management, education, quality health care
  13. Online and in-person courses specialized in the field of health
  14. Facilitate access to health service providers with varied tools

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