GRS Exhibition & Seminar

GRS Exhibition & Seminar

It has established with the purpose of organizing conferences, and exhibitions in national and international levels and by using the latest international methods, thoughts, systems and solutions. We created a strong relationship between states, entrepreneurs, entities, companies press and professional leaders to find trade partners to build a strong international relationship and increasing opportunities.

Different key factors which are shared in fostering knowledge and innovation and caused increasing welfare, are of our strategic plan and based on following the strategies and also boosting our situation, concentrated on submitting great knowledge based businesses to not only accompany with today global changes but also to be a reliable foundation for the next generation in exhibition and seminar industry.

The company is committed to customer satisfaction, implementation of new models and utilizing greatest IT.

Corporate vision:

We are planning to be one of the tenth premium companies in the field of events and exhibitions all over the world.

Corporate mission:

To Promote knowledge and enable managers and also to facilitate approaches to international training resources to the cultural revolution and organizational attitude.




Exhibition & Seminar Services

  1. Extra services
  2. Specific consult for implementation plan of organizing events
  3. Designing and planning of all executive service
  4. Art management of media and information services
  5. Administrative management and secretariat
  6. Multiple committees at the Secretariat and separation of duties
  7. Development of daily schedules teaching hours, chapters, receptions, dinners, workshops
  8. Planning and information strategy conference (before, during and after the conference)

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We always do the best to take the advantages of capable experienced managers, rendering the most desirable services.


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