GRS Advertisement

GRS Advertising

GRS advertising group has been started working since 2014 with the help of some of experienced and commitment academicals graduates from remarkable national and international universities and in order to submitting advertisement services to companies and with knowledge based business entities and along with updated scientific advertisement which is giving substantial services globally to its clients.

The objective of this company is customer satisfaction for all owners and anybody who needs promotion and advertising services. GRS usually makes the best effort to give a newest professional service thus by providing the best of all our customers' needs efficiently implemented.

Therefore, creativity, quality and targeting are our thinking system component and our priority is based on premium services in minimum time and the reasonable price which is our tagline of the organization.


peace of mind for customers, place in the position of premiums in this field all over the world and international credit.

Advertising Services

  1. Industrial film
  2. Promotional film
  3. TV teaser making
  4. Making  motion graphics teaser
  5. Corporate photography
  6. Photojournalism
  7. Advertising photography
  8. Photography
  9. Professional printing services
  10. Professional Web Design
  11. Office products design
  12. Catalogs and brochures design
  13. Media advertising
  14. Environmental advertising
  15. Exhibition design
  16. Advertising campaign
  17. Event organizing and advertising conferences
  18. Advertising advice to the applicants

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We always do the best to take the advantages of capable experienced managers, rendering the most desirable services.


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