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GRS Art has been started working as a premium part of the private international departments in art and culture with the help of knowledgeable national and international masters in this field and with the aim of maintenance and development of cultural connection of different countries. It is using specialists in all over the world and providing services in art with concern to new IT.



To become a greatest organization in publishing national culture and art.



Knowledge and insight to preserve cultural monuments and artistic development and introduction of specialized society by raising public awareness of the culture and arts of nations

Creative attitude towards culture and art in a valid community

To develop voluntary activities.

To develop scientific and executive capabilities of company

To develop Artistic and cultural entrepreneurship.

To submit cultural services suits with global standards

To providing a condition to scientific and executive communications with other national and international centers.

Art Services

  1. The state of the art and culture of other nations
  2. Projects of Culture and Art
  3. Artistic and cultural exhibitions and conferences
  4. Consulting and implementation in the field of restoration and preservation of artistic and cultural education
  5. Development of culture and art in the production, branding, packaging and export of cultural and artistic products
  6. Making films, documentaries and promotional products in the field of art and culture
  7. Organizing training courses in different levels for different age groups
  8. Designing, managing, optimizing, layout, providing information, documentation, preparation of an inventory of cultural and artistic
  9. Investigation, detection, diagnosis, age, origin and evaluation of cultural and artistic works
  10. Providing maintenance services, introduction, educational planning, rehabilitation, physical protection of works
  11. Cultural, international art projects
  12. Research and executive development of culture and art projects at the international level
  13. Create an international network of research and technology in the field of culture and art

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