GRS Petroleum

GRS Petroleum

It is established due to the years of successful experience in industry and with the help of patterns of global companies and also knowledge in order to provide services in oil, gas and petrochemical. And also rely on its own knowledgeable managers in different sectors ,has provided to supply equipment and raw materials of oil ,gas and petrochemicals complexes through domestic and international companies.

And also with approach to development in installation and constructing oil and gas refinery GRS petroleum has some great and remarkable plans to do.


Supply of parts, equipment, catalysts and chemicals in target markets and also export petroleum products and petrochemicals at competitive prices and timely delivery of quality services to customer satisfaction.

The company’s competitive advantages

Due to the tremendous influence of the oil industry, gas and petrochemical industries on national and global economies, many companies are involved with different capabilities and features have been attracted to the expanded market.

In between, the company believes in technical and practical capabilities which has a wide advantage in competing with other competitors that some of these benefits are:

Experienced and knowledgeable management team

Having built Good relations with public and private companies as well as consumers

Supply raw material

Ability to make quick and flexible decisions


Structural changes

Improving the ability of the company

Contributing to the economic prosperity and production


Petroleum Services

  1. Services of Oil, gas and petrochemical of GRS
  2. Setup and operation of plants
  3. Partnership with domestic and international legal and real persons
  4. Credit and foreign exchange facilities from domestic and foreign banks and financial and credit institutions
  5. Tenders in domestic and foreign companies, whether public or private sector
  6. Providing technical services to domestic and foreign natural and legal persons
  7. Design and engineering
  8. Exchange and transfer of technical knowledge and information and provide advice and information
  9. Feasibility studies and preparation of technical and economic feasibility
  10. Management consulting
  11. Technical Consultancy
  12. Feasibility studies and provide facilities to obtain operating banks
  13. Business plan providing
  14. Technical and training services
  15. Engineering procurement and equipment
  16. Doing Business on the purchase and shipment
  17. Planning and project controls
  18. Quality control and safety projects
  19. Management and strategy planning

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We always do the best to take the advantages of capable experienced managers, rendering the most desirable services.


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