GRS Maintenance

GRS Maintenance


GRS maintenance has been established in order to maintain mechanical and electrical, maintenance of public and private cooperation in various fields and the first priority is optimizing energy consumption.

The company's outstanding advantages in comparison with equivalent companies are as follows:


Insurance coverage of equipment and maintenance facilities

Efficient and educated staff of highly qualified professionals with specific technical knowledge (mechanical, plant, power, control, water and wastewater treatment, etc.)

Consulting to employers.

To Responsible for optimization of energy consumption.

Job training in all levels in order to update world technical knowledge.

Customer satisfaction evaluation system.

Activity in design and implementation technology such as BMS which includes Heating and cooling installations, optimizing fuel consumption, video facilities, safety, fire alarm and so on.

PM application implementation in covered centers.

Total insurance of employee to prevent probable hazard for employers.

Periodical visits by inspectors of head office and submitting reports of maintenance team performance to employer.



We have very professional capable human resources to make customer satisfaction with consider to necessary standards and environmental protection.



Our mission is to be the greatest company in maintenance, repairs and commitments in company’s procedure.

To create value and peace of mind for all stakeholders.

Impressive response to customer needs.

Regular staff training and making improvement and welfare systems.

Energy and fuel consumption optimization as well as environmental protection consider to related standards.

Maintenance Services

  1. Maintenance of mechanical installations
  2. Maintenance of electrical installations
  3. Maintenance installations of public and private places
  4. Maintenance of power plants
  5. Refinery plant maintenance
  6. Airport plant maintenance

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