GRS Architecture

GRS Architecture

It has established in order to give technical, engineering, and designing services in architecture in accordance with advanced technical standards in the field of designing and architecture projects, construction, installation and great cooperation with graduated, experts and owners.

The only main goal of the company is to increase customer satisfaction and high quality services to employers with optimum cost and minimum time.

Senior managers of the company always believe in updating newest services in architecture field and merging with domestic and international culture in projects, it is also committed to provide customer satisfaction concern with international standards of efficiency and quality of services.


To be among the top 100 companies in 2020 and get global reputation in the field of architecture.


  • Continuous training to improve and gain more skills in providing new services
  • Healthy competition with partner companies in related field.
  • Making efforts for reducing current cost to increase profits of company and customer satisfaction in end.
  • Steady service improvement through improving processes.
  • continuous improvement of presented services through improving process
  • Hiring young skillful experts to develope human resources of the company

Architecture Services

  1. Providing technical, engineering and consulting services such as
  2. Studies in recognition steps
  3. Preparing feasibility study
  4. Providing plot, documents and plan
  5. Consulting services related to the operation, maintenance, management and control of projects in accordance with the technical standards, monitoring and ensuring the proper execution of projects according to existing plan
  6. Construction, implementation and management of micro and macro-scale engineering projects such as high-rise residential units, a series of cultural and users, in accordance with general and technical Specifications
  7. The definition of research projects, efforts to create new methods and economic structures in various materials

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We always do the best to take the advantages of capable experienced managers, rendering the most desirable services.


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