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This company established as the management and quality systems to certify management and quality systems in January 2015 which Industrial associations and economic organizations were supported it in creating various qualifications. And it is as a reference certification and quality management systems by the private sector and GRS head office’s support. It is also developing aims and objectives of management systems and requirements and rules related to standards or special requirements of customers in the world. The main competitive advantage of the company is creating value added for customers in utilizing effective and efficient systems.

Our perspective is giving assessment services and verification at the highest possible level of competence and having demand for presenting the services to be reputed in the market, market leadership ,activity in all sectors of industry and services, increase customer satisfaction, creating value added processes, improve internal systems to boost organizational efficiency, increase confidence in the capabilities of the organization, conducting organizations to be remarkable in business.

This is achieved by the use of qualified, experienced and motivated auditors, experts, managers and veterans to get along with scientific upgrade plans required during the training and how their performance through internal audits, assessments, client and regulatory audits are monitored in order to approach the vision, strategy and goals.

Discipline in the implementation of certificate audits program, surveillance audits and re-audits in accordance with creditors of rules are our criteria and priorities and in all audit reports will be informed to the organization. Therefore, appropriate preparations and coordination are planned and implemented by these organizations.

List of all certificates issued by the headquartering to the following address:  is recorded and traceable.

This company as an efficient organization in improving the efficiency of our clients proud to cooperate with famous and well-known organizations and ready to give services to its customers.

and by having representative offices in various countries with approach to become the largest certification body for management systems has started its activity and is the only organization of certified which does their mission directly under the GRS group head office.


Certification Services

  1. Services in this company is as follows
  2. Audit and Certification of international standards
  3. Audit and Certification inspection
  4. Certification and ranking certification issue
  5. Certificates of origin of goods and services
  6. Exclusive issuing certification of green city in the construction industry
  7. Issue exclusive standard certificates for children

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