GRS Agriculture

GRS Agriculture

GRS Agriculture is established to give and provide the best agricultural products to customers by an extensive connection with agricultural experts in global markets.

The company by a very huge opportunity in agriculture and related services as well as exploitation of scientific and practical experiences in agriculture is ready to serve information and new services of this scope to the respected customers.

It is also ready to provide specialized international certification of agricultural products in different scopes in collaboration with GRS Certification.

Benefits of agricultural certification

Make sure the manufacturers in the matter of compliance of products with each and every phase of planting and harvesting procedures (depends manufacturer in choosing standard).

Recipients of national and international certificates will be getting the advantages of participation in global markets, exports, increase sales and the more consumer satisfaction

Reassurance the customers about the health and hygiene of agriculture with logo of certification body on products.

Broad regional and international marketing and advertising by applying product certification logo.

Specific code and name of the producers on the list of manufacturers who have product certification and possibility of efficient presence in international market and export commodities.

Agriculture Services

  1. Consulting, design, feasibility studies various phases of construction of greenhouses and agricultural projects
  2. Construction projects and construction of greenhouses suited to regional climates
  3. Outfitting and repair of traditional and modern greenhouse
  4. Realization of greenhouse seedlings and saplings free of virus
  5. Technical Consultant greenhouse and outdoor cultivation to produce
  6. Plant tissue culture and micropropagation projects disease-free plants
  7. Training and transfer of technical knowledge and work culture
  8. Supply of agricultural inputs such as seed and seedling greenhouse and outdoor etc
  9. Supply materials and agricultural machinery from countries with tech agriculture
  10. Maintenance and distribution of agricultural products and production
  11. Prompt marketing of agricultural products
  12. International certification agriculture and agricultural services

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