GRS Marketing

GRS Marketing

GRS marketing group has started its own trading activities in export by cooperating with managers, marketing specialists through special approach in this field. Although the main services are in the field of foreign trade and export marketing, this company with good  potential and opportunities has started to present professional services and marketing management experiences in countries which has representatives in many countries .The services have classified into three main parts: market research trading and consulting to substantial business owner.

Our professionals believe that, companies which have activity only in domestic market will finally fail to gain it due to strong competitors and serious challenges.

Our consultants nowadays believe that, business is unlimited however it is one of the best growth routs for a company which is working locally or all over the world.

Perspective of organizational mission and values:


approaching the regional and global credibility to become the first choice for companies which require specialized services and research to have a strong activity in domestic and foreign markets.

Organizational mission:

Helping customers in understanding consumer needs and also participation in planning or implementing marketing projects in accordance with the culture and habits of consumption and trade relations in the country.

Marketing Services

  1. Market Research
  2. Exhibitors in various exhibitions
  3. Representation of foreign companies
  4. International advertisement
  5. Organizing events and seminars
  6. E-marketing
  7. Registration and Trade Office in the country of customer
  8. Marketing strategy
  9. Marketing campaign plan

About Us

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We always do the best to take the advantages of capable experienced managers, rendering the most desirable services.


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