GRS Ranking

GRS Ranking

Ranking company with supporting experienced personnel and using knowledge and specialty of experts and rely on updated knowledge and with special attention to the criteria of rating international testing centers in different fields and conformity of rules and regulations of head office has started to work. And after evaluating the applicants issuing the related certificate has started.

Ranking Purpose

In fact, ranking is a criterion to diagnose qualification, which is generally taken as jobs for companies and indeed it is one of the scales to guarantee the quality and quantity of packaging excellence in providing services and protecting the rights of the beneficiaries.

Key Parameters in the Ranking

Rating skilled manpower, rating completed work, affordability rating, rating managerial structure and facilities in support of main parameters in ranking index of applicant centers have significant importance.

Ranking benefits

Any company needs ranking in making contract with large companies and organizations.

substantial distinguish to select a company which has an international ranking certificate to make contract with its own clients.

Investor can make a better decision by aware of ranks of companies, financial and technical capabilities in choosing a suitable company.

Applicant companies participate in governmental and nongovernmental tenders must have certified ranking.

Ranking companies in different industries can provide an outline of the situation of different companies in strength and weaknesses.

Ranking Services

  1. Contractor Ranking
  2. Counselor Ranking
  3. IT Companies Ranking
  4. EPC Companies Ranking
  5. Mass Producers Ranking
  6. Health and Hospital Companies Ranking
  7. Scientific Centers Ranking (Schools, Institutions, Universities and etc.)
  8. Institutions and Economical Corporation Ranking (Banks, Financial Institutions and Insurances)
  9. Manufactory Ranking in Various Scopes
  10. Jobs and Trade Ranking
  11. Management Ranking

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