GRS Banking

GRS Banking

The company provides innovative financial and investment services, financial transactions and funding which is working with the help of some professionals and knowledgeable specialists in this field to become an active department of global marketing and we have been working with banks, financial institutions and other active organizations in this field since establishment of the company.


Active presence among the top international money and capital markets

Pioneer in providing innovative financial services

Having a knowledge-based organization rely on human capital

Banking Service

  1. Providing consulting services financed from money and capital markets
  2. Design of new financial instruments
  3. Investment consulting, identifying and introducing opportunities and feasibility studies
  4. Management consulting services: preparing strategic plans for bank and financial institution
  5. Rating Credit Counseling survey and compilation of financial systems
  6. Currency exchange and transfer through central agencies and representative offices of GRS
  7. Supply sources for credit
  8. Obtaining bank loans for early return projects
  9. Specialized courses of banking, capital markets and stock

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We always do the best to take the advantages of capable experienced managers, rendering the most desirable services.


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