GRS Academy

GRS Academy


GRS Academy with an official license from GRS group and authorities from Europe and North America with the help of professionals and acknowledge of experts in post-graduation in order to improve knowledge and skills of managers and clients in private and governmental sectors has started their activities by giving services since 2014 and is been one of the premium entities of this field.


General Overview

  • We have already planned to meet the needs of any student in the highest level and to be the premium institution through developing the activities in global level.

The Most Important Future Goals

  • Financing for service delivery.
  • Presence in new markets with the aim of achieving the ultimate consumer.
  • Partnerships with other businesses and organizations in providing services.
  • Strategic agreements with companies, institutions and organizations to develop market.
  • To improve being in local and international target markets.
  • To maximize customer satisfaction’s improvement.

Future Planning and Vision of the Institution

  • It is striving to conserve and grow more business and jobs to develop them in international level to provide the best experiences for customers and to be a very good entity.

GRS Academy Strategies

  1. Preservation and promotion of the academy as one of the top educational institutions in the world.
  2. To provide continuing educational services in accordance with international standards.
  3. Academic markets development.
  4. To increase continuous profitability.
  5. To increase training opportunities.
  6. Academy manpower capability development in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the organization.
  7. Efficient use of resources, equipment and energy.
  8. Update and upgrade management of systems.
  9. Brand positioning with increasing customer satisfaction.

Competitive Advantage of GRS Academy

  1. Having the efficient, experienced, young, educated and talented human resources who are trying to promote the company tactfully.
  2. Taking advantage of modern and updated hardware and software features.
  3. Providing the suitable services with the needs of society and customer demands.

Academy Services

  1. Specialized short-term training courses at the international level
  2. Long-term management courses (MBA, DBA) with more than 30 specialized orientation
  3. Lead auditor courses Management Systems
  4. International exams(Auto desk ,Cisco, Macro Soft)
  5. Short-term and long-term correspondence learning
  6. Certification training approved by the International Union for Europe
  7. Issuing faculty cards with international codes and register in the bank information of GRS international lecturers
  8. Issuing of lead audit certification under credit of  American and European references
  9. Approved teaching certification for teachers working in educational centers
  10. Admission for consultation in international universities
  11. Converting life experience to qualification in cooperation with international universities.
  12. Providing international lecturers of requested training centers, seminars, conferences, designing
  13. Specialized courses for organizations

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We always do the best to take the advantages of capable experienced managers, rendering the most desirable services.


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